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AFL - 200 Analog / Digital Fiber Optic Link (for OEM Application):

AFL - 200 Analog Fiber Optic Link is an OEM Product designed especially for manufacturers who want to Isolate Analog Signals inside or between their Systems. The AFL - 200 Analog Fiber Optic Link was designed for Applications where Low Size, Low Power Consumption and Low Cost are Important. The unit transfers 1 Analog Signal and 2 Digital Signals to One Direction. Analog Signal may be within ±10V @ DC - 5kHz Bandwidth. Distance between the 2 Boards can be from 0 to 1.6 mile (30 miles optional with Single-mode Fiber).

  1. Features:
  2. Excellent Signal Isolation.
  3. Prevents Ground Loops and Computer Noise Effects on your Analog Signals.
  4. Transfers Analog Signals to Distances of upto 1.6km (50km Optional).
  5. Linearity: Better than ±0.05%.
  6. Low Noise S/N Ratio: 72dB.
  7. Input Signal: Upto ±10 Volt @ DC - 5kHz.
  8. Low Offset Temperature Drift: Better than 50 ppm/°C
  9. Very Small Size: Only 46 x 46 mm
  10. Low Cost
  11. Differential Option with 1 - 100 Gain for Low Level Signals and better Noise Immunity.
  1. Advantages:
  2. Low Noise Transfer of Analog or Digital Data, particularly beneficial in Electrically Noisy Environments and for Transmission over Long Distance.
  3. For Medical Tests: The Patient is Isolated from Data Acquisition System and from any other High Voltage Source.
  4. Optional Instrumentation Amplifier Input Stage provides a Differential Input, with an Adjustable Gain of 10 - 500, for Direct Connection of any Sensor such as: Strain Gage, Piezo, EEG & ECG, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, etc.
  5. Isolates delicate Test Equipment from Computer generated Noise and Spikes: Noises from Computer do not return into your system.
  6. Eliminates the formation of “Ground Loops” (when Two Instruments are connected to Separate Power Lines or have a difference between their Ground Voltage Potentials).
  7. Total Protection of Signal Processor’s Input Stage from Accidental Sensor Malfunction (e.g. Short to Mains Voltage or a Lightning Shock).
  8. Replaces bulky Coaxial Cables with Compact Fiber Optic Cables - especially important when rewiring existing ducts.
  9. Transfers Analog Signals to distances of upto 1.6km - with Very High Accuracy.
  1. Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage Range:

±10V Std. or ±5V or ±0.1V

Output Voltage Range:

±10V Std. or ±5V

Non-Linearity Error:

0.05% @ ±10V range


Better than 0.5mV RMS

Input Impedance:


Analog Bandwidth:

DC - 5kHz

Digital Bandwidth:

DC - 20kbps

Signal to Noise Ratio:


Supply Voltage:


Supply Current:

Rx: 90mA; Tx: 60mA

Optical budget with Single Mode Transceivers:


The Transmitter can be modified to work at 5V @ 34mA instead of 12V @ 60mA with Reduced Optical Budget (100m MM Fiber), for “Power Over Fiber” and Solar Cell / Battery Powered Applications

  1. Application Example:

Using the Digital I/O as Contact Closure Link

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