About Us:

About Globe Solutionz:

We at Globe Solutionz sell, support and service high technological instrumentation in various fields.

We have maintained over the years "High Quality Personalized Sales & After Sales Service to our customers".

We work in close coordination with customers and our foreign collaborators to offer technological instruments and systems best suited to Indian conditions.

We also offer total Indian Solutions using Local Contents, Layouts and Hardware. Globe Solutionz is focused specifically on the needs of Defence, Research & Development Labs. Traditionally, the company's core business was based on the collection and characterization of particulate matter and dust. In recent years, the company has expanded its product offerings in related fields to better serve its customers. Globe Solutionz also provides solutions for Environmental Monitoring and the sampling of stack emissions. Globe Solutionz provides personal direct support to clients in all major regions. Globe Solutionz continues to develop innovative products and solutions.


Globe Solutionz has a detailed understanding of the environmental monitoring market and offers a range of products focusing on industrial processes that could potentially emit pollutants.

Our Mission:

Globe Solutionz designs and distributes high quality instruments and services related to pharmaceutical research, environmental testing and research and development. We promote core products and expertise while constantly reviewing and developing new innovations to increase industry presence. Client relationships and business partnerships will ensure further success and continue our growth worldwide.